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Around sixty percent of the human body is water. It is undeniably essential to all life forms on Earth. Water scarcity and contamination are problems that IDEA Ops knows how to solve.


                            Waterborne diseases account for about 1.5                                     million deaths worldwide annually. Infection                                   usually occurs during bathing, drinking,                                           washing, food preparation, or consumption of contaminated food. Waterborne diseases can be avoided with proper water filtration and/or purification techniques. IDEA Ops has provided filtration and purification systems to communities in Haiti and Ghana that eliminate the need to worry about contamination. 

Well Drilling

                                      Women and children fetch the majority of                                       water for a household. The average                                                   walking distance for water in Asia and                                               Africa is six kilometers (3.7 miles). This means less time for children in school settings and less time for women to work on cottage industries or other job opportunities to provide for their families. Much of this walking could be avoided with the drilling of new wells, closer to small communities. IDEA Ops is familiar with the process of well drilling and has experience managing well drilling projects. Water scarcity is a life-or-death issue that can be avoided. 

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