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Educational Development

Education is an investment in the future of a community. The more a people group can learn through various opportunities, the brighter their future. IDEA Ops envisions a world of opportunity for members of all social status, and we are committed to providing the resources to help communities reach for their potential.

ESL Classes

                                       English, at this point in history, is the                                                  business language of the world. Knowing English can lead to job opportunities, education opportunities, and more. English as a Second Language classes provide an interactive and practical secondary education with high potential yields for dedicated students. Regardless of social status (IDEA Ops teaches community political leaders, preachers, business leaders, pregnant women, and children within the same classes!) people can come from almost any background to improve their future.

Library Creation

                                          Imagination is one of the many things                                                 that first world citizens take for                                                             granted. From birth our lives are filled with music and art and stories that encourage us to expand our minds. So much of the developing world has little to no exposure to these types of enriching activities. But a library can provide this for an entire community. A library is a safe haven for people from any walk of life to come together to share in the joy of learning. IDEA Ops has experience gathering the types of books and materials necessary to make the dream of a community library a reality.

Adult Literacy

                                           The cycle stops with a literate mother.                                              So many women in the developing                                                    world are illiterate. And as primary                                                    caregivers for their families, these women are unable to pass on a love of knowledge for future generations, leading to stagnant communities. Through Adult Literacy programs, IDEA Ops passes on the gift of literacy to men and women, giving each generation a chance at a better life within the community.

Professional Development

                                     IDEA Ops is committed to meet the needs                                        of as many students as possible. The                                                best way to reach a greater number of students is to offer professional development opportunities for teachers and administrators. IDEA Ops has experience working 

with educators at primary and secondary education programs to create better learning environments, diversify teaching practices, and promote content mastery so that each student has a greater potential for success.


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