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Economic Development

Small Business

                                         Small businesses are the heart of the                                              local economy but are certainly difficult to start.  Helping entrepreneurs understand the challenges ahead is critical to their success.  Through mentorships and business education IDEA Ops works to improve the local economy via the entrepreneurs themselves.


                                         Start-up and growth capital are too                                                  often out of reach of most entreprenuers in the developing world.  IDEA Ops works to empower businesses and individuals to achieve their own success.  Small loans are granted and the recipients pay back with their increased profits.  The funds are then recycled towards new loans and new businesses.

                                              Utilizing methods taught at The                                                         Chalmers Center, savings groups help communities work together to bring themselves out of poverty.  Education on best practices is provided along with moderate guidance, but most of the work is accomplished by the beneficiaries.  These methods have been proven througout the world and are considered to be some of the most effective practices for community development.


                                 Improving the livelihoods of the farmers we                                    work with is our top priority.  IDEA Ops                                            strives to achieve this by empowering the farmers through agribusiness opportunities. Wool co-operatives have developed markets for shepherds, vegetable farmers have learned to store and preserve their produce until the prices improve, and industries have developed around niche products like honey and saffron all due to the work of IDEA Ops.

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